AMZ Group

The foundation for AMZ Group was laid in 1999 with the opening of our own retail concept called Hamac. Since then we have actively sought quality brands which align with our strategy, to grow our retail portfolio. Additionally we have diversified our business to include Food & Beverage, Facilities Management and Healthcare.


The group is driven by its passionate and dedicated team, who focus relentlessly on outstanding execution. The privately held business has ambitious plans to grow aggressively in the region, and in so doing become a regional operator (within the GCC) of the brands that it cherishes.


AMZ Group firmly believes in sustainability and showing respect and care; also towards the environment and society in which we operate. That is why we believe in playing an active role in making positive changes in society and continuously develop and preserve our environment. Our commitment as a Group to Corporate Social Responsibility is not merely about charity, but playing a more responsible part in the society, be it within the organization, towards our stakeholders, environment or society.
Currently AMZ Group is actively involved in projects covering areas from health and education to livelihoods, women-children welfare and more. Further we have vision to engage in social development, environmental management, biodiversity restoration and employee volunteering.