Essel Group Middle East (EGME)

Essel Group Middle East (EGME) is the extension of the Essel Group into new territory. A multi-national business headquartered in Dubai, Essel Group ME oversees the business interests of the Essel Group in the Middle East and Africa. The primary focus of the group is the mining of minerals, exploration of oils and hydrocarbons and the acquisition of natural resource assets.

With assets and operations in Kenya, Liberia, Chad, Ghana, Eritrea and so on, Essel Group ME’s oil, potash and iron mining businesses have proved to be financially sound investments. Plans for expansion are underway and this footprint will soon extend further across Africa.

Not content with its success in these areas, the group’s interests have since expanded into the areas of trading, international logistics, food security and relief and education and learning.


Essel Middle East also offer a workplace culture that provides rewards performance and delivers opportunities continuously. We are continuously looking for talented people who are qualified, experienced, motivated and committed.

The Group is striving to get the best out of its most valuable asset its people.

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