Glee Hospitality

Based in Dubai, “GLEE Hospitality Solutions” is a collaboration of industry experts with broad knowledge and expertise in developing, launching, and operating restaurants. We at “GLEE Hospitality Solutions” are consultants, operators and equity holders in restaurants. With their diverse backgrounds, experience, and understanding of the global marketplace, the partners of “GLEE Hospitality Solutions” offer more than 30 years of combined experience in restaurant/hotel management, food and beverage, business development, operations, and sales and marketing.

In collaboration with world-class designers, “GLEE Hospitality Solutions” have opened numerous restaurants, and are now introducing their experience and knowledge to the UAE marketplace in prime locations with a focus on exciting menus, fresh ingredients, contemporary design elements, and a well-trained, amicable, and approachable staff

Job TitleLocationAction
Head Chef - Cuts - Butchery & Steak House- Cuts- Dubai
Hostess - Roux- Dubai UAE
Front Of House- Mighty Quinn's BBQ- Dubai, UAE
Head Chef - Mighty Quinn's - Mighty Quinn's- Dubai
Back of House- Mighty Quinn's BBQ- Dubai, UAE
Head Chef - Stella's - Sweet Boutique - Stella's- Abu Dhabi
Head Chef - Social Burger- Social Burger- Abu Dhabi
Head Chef - Roux - Roux- Dubai
Head Chef - The Roost - Rotisserie- The Roost- Dubai
Head Pastry Chef - Pastryology - Pastryology- Dubai
Head Chef - Eaters- Eaters- Abu Dhabi
Restaurant Manager - La Terrasse - La Terrasse- Dubai